* Participate at one (1) S.T.E.A.M. Learning Journey per year - TBD

*  Attend a monthly conference call with a TD Leader - TBD

* Collaborate with other TD Team Members at our Annual Training - TBD

* Be invested in Humanity Thinking

Thick Descriptions Leadership Team Application

Welcome and Thank You for Your Interest!  Thick Descriptions is recruiting invested, thoughtful and community oriented individuals to join Thick Descriptions Leadership Team (TDLT)!

*  Do you want to shift the future of public education?

*   Are you committed to changing how children view learning?

*   Do you want to help underrepresented families understand the value and signficiance of an education within an informal learning environment?

*  If these inquiries resonate with you, APPLY TODAY and join the Thick Descriptions Leadership Team (TDLT)